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The Dance Master [RP Excerpt]
When: Spring, 1893
Tristine | Darshil
He couldn’t help the little grin that peeked through his ruse, but his expression turned more to curiosity as he eyed the girl’s cane. It seemed a bit… small for her general needs. “So… are you trying something new?” He asked carefully, gesturing lightly to the cane, a little unsure of bringing up the matter directly. He knew that Tris was rather particular about certain features being brought up in conversation.
Tris didn’t follow his gesture, staring him in the eye. Her smile broadened into a grin. Then she got to her feet.
“I am,” she said. She shifted her weight onto her good leg, then brushed her skirt aside with a bit of a dramatic flourish to reveal the polished w
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 9 11
Auros Aniversari by Art-Zealot Auros Aniversari :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 89 27
Auros Aniversari [RP Excerpt]
When: 1893, January 9th
Where: Ambrotos Cathedral
“Sorry, sir but… you’re sure this is what the Lady wants?”
Theo’s expression knit into a somewhat uneasy frown as he asked the question, looking over at Bastian as they walked.  In his hands he carried a long, rectangular wooden box, unwrapped, but closed with a small brass latch.
It wasn’t the first time he’d asked that question over the last month. In fact it wasn’t the first time he’d asked it that week, nor even that very day. He’d been second guessing this particular present ever since Bastian had brought it up to him.
Bastian gave Theo a look that was a sigh without the benefit of sound. Still, his voice was even and p
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The Endless River by Art-Zealot The Endless River :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 98 11 The Rules of the Game by Art-Zealot The Rules of the Game :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 131 14
The Solomon Cipher: Epilogue
“For the sake of my soul, I must commit these words.
Even if my hand is guided by fear, let them be my absolution.”

    Tristine took a deep, steely breath and raised her hand to knock on the doors of Kardia Manor. They opened immediately, and her glow spilled onto the tiles of the foyer, mingling with the soft light of orange lamps and sinking mutely into the two pitch black figures that stood waiting just inside. Tris studied the Constables, and she reached out a quick mental probe, testing her connection to them—her sway over them— only to realize that she felt nothing but a solid wall. Rejecting her influence.
    Or perhaps currently acting under a much more powerful influence. Despite herself, she felt a little thrill of anxiety flutter through her antennae.
    The summons that Theo had delivered for his Master that morning had not come
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Fallen Star by Art-Zealot Fallen Star :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 141 16 Witchwine by Art-Zealot Witchwine :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 173 4
The Solomon Cipher: Part VI
جولة الباطل ساعة وجولة الحق إلى قيام الساعة
“Falseness lasts an hour. The Truth lasts until the end of time.”

    Tristine awoke well before her body did. Piece by piece she put together the uncomfortable details of her situation. As tingling awareness flowed back into her limbs, she realized she was hanging suspended in a standing position, her feet touching the ground. She shifted so they were supporting her weight, relieving some of the tension in her shoulders and sending more pins and needles down into her arms.
    Can’t move…
    The realization sank in, kicking out a ripple of adrenaline that made her antennae twitch to life. She raised h
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 11 6
Golden Summer by Art-Zealot Golden Summer :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 143 28
The Solomon Cipher: Part V
“…In much wisdom is much grief,
And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.”

    Caro Tristine
     I hope this letter finds you well, and Well-Rested. On behalf of our mutual friend, I had hoped to invite you this afternoon for supper. He is getting a little restless, and my passing concern for his mental stability—in addition to the stability of my personal household—is growing stronger by the day. Or more accurately, by the night. It pains me to report that he accidentally broke one of the marble eagle bookends you gave me. He apologized, of course, and immediately replaced the bird’s head with an orange. Looks twice as handsome now, and smells infinitely better.
    By day the lad is good company, with an anecdote for every occasion. I have been teaching him all of the board, card, and dice games I know, and in return he’s figured som
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Dusan by Art-Zealot Dusan :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 181 20 Echoes by Art-Zealot Echoes :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 78 13
The Solomon Cipher: Part IV
“And I find more bitter than death
The woman whose heart is snares and nets”

    The sound of ceramic on lacquered wood brought Tristine out of her thoughtful daze. She glanced up at Leopoldo, then down at the cup he slid towards her. As she peeked over the rim, she frowned. “Water?” It was much a question as it was an accusation.
    “You drink too much coffee, Tris,” the doctor answered. He turned and walked back towards the kitchen before she could muster a word of argument, so she just picked up the cup and gave it a begrudging sip.
    Leopoldo Amadori’s house was much the same as she remembered it. The furniture was different, true, and there was a beautiful mural of a rolling vineyard across one of the walls of his sitting room that most definitely hadn’t been there last century. But everythin
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Kahina (Final Update) by Art-Zealot Kahina (Final Update) :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 100 20
The Solomon Cipher: Part III
“Courage is, then, knowing what is formidable or otherwise,
and by maintaining invariably such a sense of them, as to bear them, or despise them.”

    The sweeping double towers and colorful stained glass windows of the Catedrala San Basileus had always been comforting to Marron. Even at night, when it was impossible for him to enter, he could isolate its brassy bells from every other church in the city, and always knew when it was time to come home. When last he had stood before these great mahogany doors, they had been hung with the festive trappings of a Catholic Easter, with white lily and daffodil garlands strung all together by pale blue ribbon, and the air had been filled with song. But that was months ago. Today, he wasn't here for Holy Mass, and the stained glass windows were dark with winter weather and all-too-secular thoughts.
    A biting sleet fell from ice-white cloud
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 10 9

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Sybal Heim has Some New Faces!

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 4:35 PM
We're all done with Applications! So glad to see new folks in the group and rarin' to go! Plot Comic is on the way!!! C:

Our September opening is a little over halfway done, but there's still time to submit a character for Sybal Heim! You're free to re-submit characters who didn't make it in the first wave (we had to turn down plenty simply due to an overflow of apps), or create completely new ones!

If you're unfamiliar with the RP group, or interested in joining, check out these links to learn more!

How to Join
Second Wave Announcement

This group has been SUCH a fun experience and really boosted my creative energy, and I hope to see lots of new faces come the end of September!

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I love to draw, I love to write, and I love plotting against the welfare of my characters. ; )

I'm a Christian (deeply flawed but unashamed of my Savior), thanking God every day for a huge portion of any talent you happen to find lurking in my gallery. I take minimal credit.

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No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
Shaydesmar Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
So I've just finished the Evil Librarians and holy shit that ending.
 I was not expecting that like damn.
 And your art for the series was A+ I loved it
 Thank you for introducing me to the series :)
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner May 2, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aah! I'm SO glad you enjoyed it!
He tried to warn us that it was going to get serious... still hurts though.
Shaydesmar Featured By Owner May 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I mean
 Yeah. He was clear about it from the start
 But oooh that's going to sting for a while
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I'll wait quietly until your commissions open again, you have such a lovely style oh my !

(also Christians must unite together ~ ) 
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Ah! Thanks very much! Always nice to run into other Christian artists on dA! C:
Real-Live-Fishlegs Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017
Your artwork is really quite lovely! Good blends of lighting and colors! Love the style! 

(Not to mention, a sister in Christ and a Mistborn fan, awesome!) 
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much! God bless! C:
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