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April 18, 2010
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Hedrin--heads by Art-Zealot Hedrin--heads by Art-Zealot
This beastie has been going through my head for a while now, but I definitely think the Hideous Zippleback's cooperative breath system in How to Train Your Dragon sparked the idea (no pun intended :D).

The Hedrin (tentative name) is a creature with three heads that each serve a different function.

--The leftmost head is the powerhouse (the one in the top right corner), bearing the senses of Taste and Smell. Not needing the neural capacity for any other sense, it's smell is incredibly keen, and it's muscle power unmatched. It could easily crush stone in its teeth and penetrate steel armor.

--The rightmost head is the sentinel (the one in the lower left), bearing the senses of Hearing and Touch. It is the quickest and hardest to strike, responsible for the entire creature's sense of balance. It can hear a mouse's breath and sense the air disturbed by a gnat's wings a hundred yards away. It is also rumored to be able to sense the weather.

--The center head is the mastermind, bearing the sense of Sight and the blessing of Sentience. It commands the movement of the body, able to override the independent functioning of the two other heads and move in unison. If you cut off (or smash or impale or generally mess up) this head, the beast dies. It's intelligence is much higher than the average human's, and it can use the mouthed head to speak. Most Hedrin are solitary and fiercely protective of their homeland, but others enjoy the occasional company of humans, engaging in stimulating conversation and offering valuable insight into the world's troubles. Others enjoy an intellectual challenge, and subject the unwary traveller to a game of riddles--one that the traveller rarely escapes alive.

I still have no idea to what universe the Hedrin belongs. I'll probably integrate him into a story eventually. I plan on trying to model him in zBrush (if I ever get the time...-_-). As always, the concept and artwork is (c) to me. I have a picture of its body here [link] .
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LunarMariner Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
He's so cool! I love the idea of the splitting up of its primary senses <3
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! It was fun to design.
skyefeather Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
great, clever concept ^^

love it
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010  Student Digital Artist
skyefeather Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
mhmm ^^
HappyAggro Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
The entire concept for these guys is so cool. :O
Juditangelo Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
so original and uniqe!!! :wow: you are a genius of desing!!
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
Fish-Tetris Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010
I think it's very neat how you divided up the senses- and the quirk where the center head has to use the left must head to speak. It makes sense that the creature is as smart as it is- I guess having to sometimes control two other heads as well as coordinate the movements of such a complex body takes an equally complex brain and thinking process (like how octopi are so smart partially on the account of controlling their complex pigment system as well as their eight legs, so I hear).

I also really like how different each head is from the other, and how evident each head's individual purpose is based on its appearance. I like the touch/hearing head the most, I think- it's very elegant and pretty~
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! I never knew that about octopi--but it makes perfect sense in that regard. Hmm...I wonder if people could control their pigment system if we used a bigger percent of our brain. How cool would that be! Get a tan anytime! XP

...Anyhow, glad you like! I think my favorite one might be Mr Toothy, just because I like big scary fangs. B]
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