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Thrill Therapy by Art-Zealot Thrill Therapy :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 88 17
Trust Fall (RP Excerpt)
When: Early October, 1893
Where: The Spirit Grove
Colo | Tristine
Tristine made the mistake of glancing down at the ground. The distant ground…
Her grip on the tree branch tightened reflexively, her whole body going tense and antennae whipping flat against her head. She pressed her forehead against the bark of the tree trunk and hissed in frustration while she waited for the wave of tremors to leave her limbs.
She knew that climbing the five ancient gum trees in the Spirit Grove was technically frowned upon, but she didn’t intend to stay up there long. She just needed to know.
For weeks she had avoided heights like this. Her Power had yet to return in force, white hair secured in a tight leather tie at the back of her skull, cascading and lightless. She could still skate,
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 10 4
Khiimor by Art-Zealot Khiimor :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 186 31 Good Morning, Sunshine by Art-Zealot Good Morning, Sunshine :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 133 21
Friends in High Places (RP Excerpt)
When: Mid-January, 1894
Where: Ambrotos Cathedral, South Tower
Tristine | Rosette | Marron
Rose had chosen one of the best windows in the building to sit themselves. Directly south-facing, the old glass panes framed a view of the entire district. The river glittered in the distance, and beyond it, Kardia’s bell tower silhouetted against the cold grey sky. Just below them, Tris could see Bastian tending to his sleepy vines in the snowy Cathedral garden. Next door, the roof of the Villa rotunda shone coppery under its snow cap in the late afternoon sunlight, surrounded by white marble walkways.
Tris ventured a sip of the liqueur. Her eyes immediately went from a cautious squint to an appreciative s
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 10 5
Rakshasa by Art-Zealot Rakshasa :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 127 26 The Thief and The Monkey (RP Illustration) by Art-Zealot The Thief and The Monkey (RP Illustration) :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 135 27 Alone in a Crowd by Art-Zealot Alone in a Crowd :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 135 15 Mercstine: Falling Angel by Art-Zealot Mercstine: Falling Angel :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 111 13 The Carillon [RP Illustration] by Art-Zealot The Carillon [RP Illustration] :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 79 13
A New Leaf (RP Excerpt)
When: Mid-November, 1893
Where: Heiros
Tiago | Bastian
Tiago hunched his large winter poncho up as he walked home. The morning rest was well spent, he’d taken his own in the forest, after finding himself a far walk from the city come dawn. The warmth from the small fire he’d sat with had long since faded, and he was looking forward to warming his own hearth and having some maté.
When he turned the corner, however, he saw that his house already had visitors, and the black sashes they wore put a pit in his stomach. He tried to swallow his trepidation, heart sinking even as his pulse quickened.
He hadn’t done anything serious enough to get arrested...had he?
The man approached warily, and resisted the urge to grip the handle of his knife, it would give himself
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 11 11
From Dust by Art-Zealot From Dust :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 169 21 Sybal Heim: The Civil Affairs Commission by Art-Zealot Sybal Heim: The Civil Affairs Commission :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 61 6
From Dust (RP Excerpt)
When: Early September, 1893
1 day after Cinnamon
Where: Tristine's Office
Theo | Tris
“...Madam Minister? The lists?”
Tristine blinked up at the Ambrotos Police Chief, then down at the collection of papers he was holding out over her desk. It took her a painful few seconds to even remember what the documents were. Lists, of commercial and private properties in the District with known Stormway access.
Chief Ianushko noted her hesitation and frowned a bit. “Shall I leave them with your assistant?”
“No,” Tris cut in quickly. “No leave them here. I’ll hold on to them.”
In truth, she didn’t like the idea of keeping such a watchful eye on thes
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 11 27
Ensenhamen el Cor by Art-Zealot Ensenhamen el Cor :iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 160 46
Reflections (RP Excerpt)
When: Early September, 1893
Where: Ambrotos Cathedral
Chau | Tristine
It only took one song to ease Tris into a familiar state of meditation— one that she rarely reached at night, when her energy was so high and her knee itched after ten minutes of sitting in one place. Taking advantage of this unusual calm, she half-closed her eyes and picked up a new melody— a sosque. A reflection. She tuned out thought and distraction, and let her heart bleed into her fingers.
A sosque could never be played the same way twice, fleeting as a dream. There were no prescribed notes, no memorized music. The melody she pulled from the instrument was uncertain and melancholy. Lost. Inconclusive. As much as it pained her to hear, it made her feel just a bit lighter, like
:iconart-zealot:Art-Zealot 8 17

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Sybal Heim has Some New Faces!

Tue Sep 20, 2016, 4:35 PM
We're all done with Applications! So glad to see new folks in the group and rarin' to go! Plot Comic is on the way!!! C:

Our September opening is a little over halfway done, but there's still time to submit a character for Sybal Heim! You're free to re-submit characters who didn't make it in the first wave (we had to turn down plenty simply due to an overflow of apps), or create completely new ones!

If you're unfamiliar with the RP group, or interested in joining, check out these links to learn more!

How to Join
Second Wave Announcement

This group has been SUCH a fun experience and really boosted my creative energy, and I hope to see lots of new faces come the end of September!

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I love to draw, I love to write, and I love plotting against the welfare of my characters. ; )

I'm a Christian (deeply flawed but unashamed of my Savior), thanking God every day for a huge portion of any talent you happen to find lurking in my gallery. I take minimal credit.

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Deunan109 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2017
I've seen your images for your character, Zeal Drakeianu, especially your Duality image is very interesting. Having read the description, I was wondering about your novel series Heart of the Drayken. I tried looking for it, but cannot seem to find it. Where might the series be available so that I can check out to see if I might want to purchase it? Thanks.
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Aw, your interest is deeply appreciated, but the series has never been published— and likely won't be for a long time, since it needs heavy rewrites.
LeilaAscariz Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have jusr discovered your art and I am impressed by your illustrations, but I also love your original characters from your RP!
Is it a tabletop RPG, something else? They look incredible!
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks very much for dropping by!

The characters from the majority of my recent work are from the RP group Sybal-Heim (which I help moderate)! It's essentially a giant collaborative historical/fantasy setting and story.
LeilaAscariz Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It sounds fantastic! I quit rping online years ago and now I only do it on tabletop but the characters sound really interesting!
StryaIIMoon Featured By Owner Edited Oct 11, 2017
Hi, I'm a new watcher and you seem like a pretty cool person with some pretty cool art (both the drawings and literature). Anything I should know or expect?
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Welcome welcome!

Well my gallery for the past two years has been pretty much exclusively related to the Sybal-Heim RP group, so you can expect more of those characters and stories, for sure. There are other projects on the horizon (picking my webcomic back up and running a D&D campaign— both of which will definitely inspire a lot of art), but most of my free time is dedicated to SH these days.
Knight-Of-God Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Gosh dammit, I didn't realize SH had opened another wave for applications and by the time I found out it was too late. =/ Now I is sad...
Kalitan Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017   General Artist
I really like your work! You've got a talent for story telling. I just soaked up all of the panels for Chronicles of a Villainess. Can't wait for more. (:
Art-Zealot Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Ahh! Thank you so very much! I'm planning to dive headfirst back into production on that as soon as my current Graphic Novel contract is finished, so hang tight!
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